KOMYO Yamada Nishiki Limited Quantity

English name: Zenith Yamada Nishiki

In 2016 we set ourselves a momentous challenge: to produce a sake polished to just 1%. In the history of sake, no brewery had ever achieved a rice polishing of 1% before and KOMYO Dewasansan (Zenith Dewasansan), released in 2017, was a world first.

In 2018 we decided to aim even higher and challenge ourselves to brew a 1% polished sake with the ‘King of Sake Rice’: 100%, Hyogo-grown Yamada Nishiki. 2019 ushered in the birth of KOMYO Yamada Nishiki (Zenith Yamada Nishiki).

We hope our efforts will be an inspiration to others and shine a light into the future of sake.

KOMYO Limited Quantity

English name: Zenith

In the history of sake, no brewery has ever been able to polish rice down to 1% before.
Some people might say, "Do we really need to do this?"

The answer of the 6th generation brewer, Jumpei Sato is “Only the brewery which took on this challenge can understand.”.

Only a brewery which had made the sake with a 1% rice polish ratio, could see the undiscovered world.

"Komyo", no other endeavor other than this one could open the door to this new frontier and bring rays of hopes to the "future of the world of sake".

Thanks to the ultimate transparency of the sake, it is clear that this sake comes from a completely different world of sake, and will develop a new frontier of sake.

KYOKUGEN Limited Quantity

English name: ULTRA

To create the most superior sake in the highest sake classification Junmai Daiginjo,with a quality the world has never seen before: rice polished in-house down to 8%, and that has all of aroma, subtlety, fullness, and beautiful afterglow. This desire from 6th Generation Brewer, Jumpei Sato, made "TATENOKAWA KYOKUGEN"(TATENOKAWA Ultra) with all the technologies of TATENOKAWA as it established in 1832 and the whole brewers's enthusiasms. You will have a new sense of possibility of sake as the difference from ordinary Daiginjo or Junmai Daiginjo, and enjoy experience of this ultimate sake.

SHICHISEIKI Limited Quantity

English name: Banner of the 7-pointed Star

"SHICHISEIKI" is a flag which was raised by the Shonai clan at the Boshin War. (It was a civil war in Japan, known as the Japanese Revolution.)This flag is an image of the constellation known as "the Plough" flipped upside down.

"TATENOKAWA Junmai Daiginjo SHICHISEIKI" was born to memorialize this historical event of the Shonai for posterity.

The rice is polished down to 7%, and it is brewed with our best techniques. This sake features well-rounded, balanced acidity, and lingering finish.

18 Limited Quantity

English name: EIGHTEEN

A Junmai Daiginjo that with its rice-polishing ratio is the pinnacle of sake. Made with rice that has been polished down to 18%, it takes extravagance to the extreme. Additionally, we bottled only the best part of the sake pressing nakadori (middle- cut) to give it a fragrant and clean flavour. It takes pride of place in the "TATENOKAWA" line-up as the jewel in the crown of sake.

ICHIDA NYUKON Limited Quantity

English name: HEART & SOUL IN ONE DROP

A Junmai Daiginjo made with only the bottom part of the mash: Seme, with rice polished down to 18%. The seme part of a sake pressing is not normally used on its own, but in the case of this sake, the result is a soft and elegant savoury flavour. Despite such an extravagant rice polishing ratio, by using the Seme (bottom-cut) of the sake we are able to offer it at a much more affordable price.

33 Limited Quantity

English name: 3 PEAKS

33 is made with Dewasansan rice grown by our very own rice research institute that has been polished in house to 33% to extract all its potential. With a gentle yet rich aroma of ripened fruits, the essence of every single flavour umami, dry, sweet and sour, spreads out leaving behind a lovely aftertaste.